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Quick Check Drive with Flush-mount Quick Tread Edge, WU592 Wall-Mount Console, Black
Item Number: HUNQCD92TFBL

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NOTE: Does not include tub and frame. Must purchase HUN2037011 QTE Flush Frame w/ Tub Kit separately.


Quick Check Drive Sensors DRV1 with Flush-mount Quick Tread Edge QTEF, and Unmanned Wall-Mount Console WU592.


Quick Check Drive

  • Automatic alignment results
    • 32 lasers and 8 cameras scan wheels as they drive past
    • Touchless total toe and individual camber
    • Unmatched accuracy and repeatability
    • No stopping, data entry, or labor required
  • Automatic vehicle identification
    • Captures front and/or rear license plates
    • Automatic license plate-to-VIN conversion
    • Automatically determine OEM specs on most vehicles
  • Automatic results display
    • Display alignment results on large monitor
    • Complete transparency for customer
    • Ideal for service drive and/or waiting room
  • Quick Check Drive™ is integration ready
  • Less bay space required
  • Automatic body image capture
    • Automatic body photos protect against false damage claims
    • 40 or more high-definition images of every vehicle on both sides
    • Images are stored online for 90 days

Quick Check Edge

  • Measures tread depth, analyzes data on-site, and instantly displays results
  • Boost most profitable undercar services
  • No additional labor required
  • Captures accurate tread information on all vehicle traffic
  • Increases accuracy by eliminating guesswork and manual inspection
  • Detects tread grooves and reports up to six measurements per tire
  • Results sent to console and graphically shown for customer
  • Built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, includes self-cleaning air knife
  • Flush-mounted configuration integrates seamlessly with Quick Check Drive™
  • Stores tread depth records to create customer history for use in marketing efforts
  • No recurring monthly charge


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